LoDel Music & Arts Festival 2015 was a great success, bringing in over 500 people from across the state, but that was just the beginning. In 2016, LoDel will spring forth a new wave of local happenings and celebrations. Stay tuned.12193657_10204932106517655_4773143877651859243_n

In addition to over 30 live musical performances by artists from across the region, LoDel Music & Arts Festival will feature the work of dozens of visual artists. Take a look at some of the photography by art coalition member Ryan West.





To view more of Ryan’s work, visit www.puresurfco.com.

SOMETHING Art Coalition is a collective of local artists, musicians, and volunteers who strive to join together with communities by organizing public arts events and programs. We believe in spreading goodness for the sake of it, and we use art as a medium to reach all ages and cultures.

Below is the work of our members. As LoDel approaches, will be featuring the work of an artist from the coalition and other independent artists. Expect to see them and their creations at the festival.

Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 4.47.21 PM EdgarLopez_Buddha Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 4.31.50 PM Shelby (1 of 1) FoxDone